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Spoiler NYC has posted new music from the forthcoming album titled "Banned in 38 States"! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

The new album was recorded by Grammy-Award winning producer Ken Lewis (Beastie Boys, Lenny Kravitz, Fall out Boy) in June 2009. Details on the release will be announced in the coming months.

In related news, Spoiler NYC's Alan Robert released a new horror comic series called Wire Hangers through award-winning publisher, IDW Publishing. Check out:

The "Ruined" video has been posted on You Tube! this video was filmed and edited by In The Making productions on location in Dour, Belgium & Cologne, Germany! Thanks to everyone involved and all the maniacs in it!!!

Check out Issue #82 of YRB Magazine for a full page feature on Spoiler NYC! CLICK HERE!

Check this sh*t out you greasy bastids. The video was directed by Kevin Custer in association with Raging Nation Films. Art direction by Alan Robert. Enjoy.

Click Here for the CD Review: 3.5 out of 4 Stars!

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Spoiler NYC has teamed up with two great labels to release it's debut album, "Grease Fire in Hell's Kitchen" IN STORES NOW! The band has signed with SOS Records (USA) and I Scream Records (Europe) for this much anticipated release. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE CD!.

SOS Records is best known for their large roster of punk bands including The Exploited and The Adicts.

I Scream Records has some of the best hardcore and punk bands on the planet, including fellow New Yorkers Madball and Agnostic Front!


1. Ruined
2. Liar Cheater
3. Lucky 13
4. High Friends in Low Places
5. Dead to Me
6. Grease Fire in Hell's Kitchen
7. Unpredictable
8. Every Person is Corrupt
9. Suicide Hotel
10. No Worries
11. Hung My Head
12. Die Alone

Spoiler NYC has some new shows lined up CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!!!


The album was produced by Alan Robert and recorded by Danny Schuler (Biohazard) at his Underground Sound Studios, Over Time Studio with engineer, Omar Clavijo (Ill Nino) and at Method of Groove Studio with Life of Agony guitarist, Joey Z. The record was mixed by Greg Fidelman (Slipknot, Jet, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and DD Ehrlich.

The first song on the record, "Ruined" really let's you know what you will get, catchy punk-rock mixed with Hard-Core sensibilities. The bleak, street-wise lyrics are as mean-spirited as the music is driving and memorable. While all of the great punk influences are there, Spoiler NYC get right to the point with a unique sound all their own, especially in the deep, guttural-yet-melodic vocals. Confirmed East Coast dates will be announced shortly. When asked what inspired the decision to start the group, Robert states:

"A very close friend of mine died last year of Leukemia while I was touring with Life of Agony. It really took it's toll on me. I flew home for his wake and seeing him there, not even 30 years old, lying in his coffin, hit me like a ton of bricks. I started writing a song in memory of him and it truly was the moment that this Spoiler NYC project was born. The words and music that came out of me that day weren't meant for LOA. It was something completely different.

Junkyard (Spoiler NYC Guitarist) and I have been talking about doing a band like this for years, it feels amazing to finally see this thing come to life. We've spent the better part of our lives hanging out, drinking, listening to punk rock records, talking about the day that we'd finally make our own music together. He's been with me on the road since LOA's very first show, so it's a long time coming. "Grease Fire" is the record we always talked about making, and we're very proud of it. "